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Trouble Sleeping? An Aquarium Can Help!

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On average, more than 50 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder. According to sleephealth.org, these disorders include breathing-related disorders, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy. While there are several remedies to help one sleep better, there is one that is rarely discussed: aquariums.

A study from Plymouth University found that people who spent more time around aquariums saw an improvement in their mental well-being and physical health. In addition to these health benefits, aquariums also brought feelings of relaxation, which translated to soothing ones mind, increasing the ability to relax and fall asleep. A lot of this has to do with the visual of water and its slow and rapid movements. The sight of water has been proven to reduce blood pressure, improve heart conditions, and even reduce stress. Lets explore these benefits further

Improving Your Sleep Quality

What does your sleep routine look like? Does it involve turning off all the lights and lying in bed with your eyes shut? Doing what you can to help you fall asleep is key. An aquarium is an amazing sleeping aid because after minutes of staring at the slow moving water youll feel relaxed and at ease. It will calm your body and mind. When you retreat to your bed, youll be ready to doze off within no time!

Diminishing Feelings of Discomfort

Not only will an aquarium help you fall asleep faster but it will also help diminish feelings of discomfort such as bodily pain. Thats because of the sight of fish can help lower ones’ feelings of pain. This is often related to why so many doctors offices have an aquarium. Even a couple of minutes of staring at the fish can help one feel relaxed and less concentrated on the pain.

Reducing Stress

Life is stressful. Even when it feels like we have everything under control, we can easily be bogged down with the realities of the world and our daily jobs. Stress takes a toll on the body in many ways. Those nights you find yourself tossing and turning can all easily add up to time lost sleeping, which translates to lost productivity during the day. One of the main reasons sleep deprivation is so common in our society is because of stress. From replaying the day in our minds to worrying about tomorrows tasks, it can make us anxious and hinder our ability to sleep as a result. An aquarium can help reduce feelings of anxiety by simply offering the sight of moving water. In an article on the Huffington Post.com, marine biologist explained how water possesses calming qualities that our bodies can sense.

Experience the Benefits of An Aquarium First-Hand

An aquarium in the home can do wonders. Not only are they beautiful, but they can offer these health benefits in return. At Dorian Construction, were all about helping homeowners bring out the best home concepts. And when those concepts offer more than aesthetic appeal, whats not to love? If youre interested in having an aquarium installed in your home or commercial building, connect with us today!