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A Fire Pit is the Perfect Backyard Accessory for the Fall

Fire pit surrounded by patio chairs facing a great view of sky and far off city lightsFall weather is notorious for being late to invade the Sun City. We either bask in the glow of a yearly Indian summer or endure it with little grace and patience, just waiting to break out our boots and hoodies. Or we just crave the cold weather so we can enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee without breaking into a sweat during our morning commute. Whether you are a summer lover or cant wait for the cold weather to arrive, when that cold weather finally hits everyone can agree on one thing. No one is clamoring to spend time outside, especially during those chilly autumn desert nights. Yet, we are lucky in El Paso- our Fall and Winter seasons are usually pretty mild. It seems like a shame to leave a whole part of your home unused- namely, your backyard. This is especially true if you have invested time into making your backyard a place you want to be. Why only use it during some parts of the year? At Dorian Construction, we know that adding a simple fire pit can make your backyard the perfect outdoor oasis for any time of year.

Why Add a Fire Pit to my Backyard?

First, we have to be clear that when we say fire pits, we mean a well built structure that is carefully planned around your backyard decor and theme. This also means a well planned structure that will pose no threat to your home, plants, grass, or general surrounding area. At Dorian Construction, we carefully plan where your fire pit will be so that it is both safe and inviting. But why invest in a custom fire pit in the first place?

Enjoy Cozy Nights with Family

The people who will benefit the most from a fire pit in your back yard will be you and your family. Spending time with family in the summer can be easy when you can all be outside enjoying the sunlight, grilling, swimming, etc.. A fire pit can provide a great way to give family time variety in the colder months. You can roast smores, tell scary stories, and enjoy family time in a cozy environment.

Add Options to Fall & Winter Get Togethers

Summer parties in El Paso almost always include grilling, and an outdoor set up. During the winter, it can feel confining to have so many people in your house. Fire pits do the great service of adding a great option for people to spread out. While some people may enjoy staying inside around the table, another group can comfortably snuggle up around a fire pit. This means you have a bit more breathing room for the people inside and a warm spot for people outside.

Dorian Construction Provides Quality Custom Fire Pits in El Paso

So why invest in a custom fire pit? There are many options that you can buy at stores and online, so why spend the extra money? The answer is simple: safety and aesthetics. A custom fire pit is built specifically to be safe for its surroundings, minimizing sparks and other flammable accidents that can quickly pose a danger to your home and surrounding areas. It is also built specifically to suit your tastes and style, so you can be sure that it will always go with the surrounding decor and themes. Ready to enjoy the Fall outside? Contact us today to get started!