Winter-Proof Your El Paso Backyard

If youre an El Paso native then youre well aware of how unpredictable the fall and winter seasons can be here. Thanksgiving day could be warm enough to go outside and play football or you and the family could be inside keeping warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Then theres the possibility of snow […]

A Fire Pit is the Perfect Backyard Accessory for the Fall

Fall weather is notorious for being late to invade the Sun City. We either bask in the glow of a yearly Indian summer or endure it with little grace and patience, just waiting to break out our boots and hoodies. Or we just crave the cold weather so we can enjoy a nice hot cup […]

3 Ways to Create A Cozy Backyard

Imagine reclining in your backyard beneath a beautiful El Paso night sky. You are comfy on a sofa, your toes nice and warm by the fire. Such a cozy little scene is completely possible. Dorian Construction Group is dedicated to creating only the best products. You can trust us to make only the best quality […]

Great Ideas for Outdoor Fireplaces

When you want a unique attention grabbing backyard, you need to get creative with your landscaping options. Adding a pool is one thing, but there is so much more you can do with your backyard to create a great space. Whether you want a great family space or a yard to entertain in, Dorian Construction […]

What El Paso Homeowners Should Know About Outdoor Kitchens

El Paso is the perfect city for outdoor entertainment. From late February to early November, El Pasoans can take advantage of the perfect weather. If youd like to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level, consider installing an having an outdoor kitchen! Dorian Construction can completely renovate your backyard so it will perfectly entertain […]

Unwind to the Sounds of a Backyard Waterfall

There are many benefits when it comes to the sounds, sights, and general exposure to water. For numerous people, being around water is simply therapeutic. The ambiance of a waterfall adds life to an otherwise barren backyard. If youre looking for a place to relax at the end of the day, waterfalls create a soothing […]

6 Ways To Get Your Backyard Summer-Ready

Summertime in El Paso is a time to unwind and enjoy the longer amount of daylight. If youre thinking of hosting family and friends for a daytime or evening barbecue, then now is the time to start working on your backyard that may have lacked TLC over the last couple of months. Theres nothing more […]

Why Spending More Time Outdoors is Good For Your Health

Have you ever stopped to consider how much time you truly spend indoors? Its not something we think of often because its such a natural part of our routine. The majority of jobs today require sitting in an air-conditioned building on a comfortable chair under fluorescent lights. While all of that doesnt sound half bad, […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Small Backyards

If youve ever been turned off by the idea that you cant make use of your backyard because its too small – think again. While smaller spaces have several pros and cons, were here to help you focus on the positive. The beauty of a smaller outdoor area is that it requires less maintenance and […]