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What to Consider When Thinking About Installing a Hot Tub or Spool

Backyard landscaping is a world unto itself. There are endless options and possibilities when it comes to building your backyard oasis. Dorian Construction Group has been building backyard paradises for a long time. And every year, new ideas, new trends, and new possibilities pop up. In addition to building and installing the landscaping features, we […]

How the Pool Went From Ancient Greece To Your Backyard

There is nothing that can replace the crowded, noisy, slightly murky, smelly neighborhood pool with those suspicious unidentified floating objects, the next-door kid screaming his head off as he gets splashed in the face, and kids jumping off doing belly flops for what appears to be the fun of it. Oh, wait! There is something […]

The Wonderful World of Custom Aquariums and How They Transform Any Space

The mysteries of the oceans are elusive and enigmatic. For most of us, the worlds that lie beneath are only accessible via textbooks, well-produced documentaries, artwork, Discovery Channels Shark Week, SpongeBob Squarepants, and perhaps the occasional snorkeling and scuba diving vacation. Perhaps the origin of human life and the home to bizarre and extraordinary creatures, […]

The Shape of Dreams: Laguna Pools, Ponds, and Backyard Gardens

In a recent issue of Texas Builder magazine, the Dorian Construction Group explains a little bit about who we are and the process of building. When we first sign on to a project, we go on an imaginative quest to find the best possible design for the space at hand. We will either draw and […]

How To Use the Power of Water to Transform Your Backyard

Here at Dorian Construction, we go bold. For some homeowners, their backyard is a blank canvas full of possibilities to consider. Aside from beautiful structures like fire pits and landscaping, we have completely revitalized backyard spaces with the correct body of water. Some of these include the wonderful world of pools, spools, and jacuzzi. These […]

The Healing Powers of a Backyard Transformation and Landscaping

Humans have always sought answers from their environment and when that environment did not provide what was necessary, they sought to improve it. There is an innate part of our nature that seeks comfort and safety in our surroundings and why people work hard to decorate and design their homes to make them feel comfortable. […]

How to Provide Your Commercial Property With More Curb Appeal

When visitors and customers come to your designation of business, one of the first things they examine is the propertys exterior characteristics. When you elicit a wrong or misleading appearance, you run the risk of providing your clients with a negative vibe and essentially ruin your companys reputation and sales. The overall look of your […]

Tips For Your Spa or Pool In The Fall

With the fall right around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to talk about maintenance in the fall. Especially in El Paso, the early fall season can be a great time to enjoy the spa or pool, since the temperatures drop from extreme heat to warm and comfortable. In this article, […]

Health And Wellness Ideas For Your Spa Or Pool

We’re in the midst of a health and wellness revolution here in the U.S. Yoga, meditation, and exercise are all becoming front and center in today’s society, especially as the world becomes more complex, stressful, and time-consuming. While many people subscribe to these forms of wellness, significantly fewer people use water as a way to […]