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Embarking on the Creation of an Outdoor Paradise: Outdoor Kitchens and Waterfalls

El Paso is blessed with wonderful sunny weather for a long part of the year. On average, the Sun City gets 297 days of sunlight a year. This means that there is plenty of time to spend outdoors, even in the winter months. This makes the concept of custom building your own outdoor oasis even more appealing. The possibilities of what you can do in your backyard are truly endless, but we thought wed take a look at two ways in which you can make your back patio the land of your dreams.

Take Your Cooking Outdoors

If you are a fan of grilling and outdoor cooking, an outdoor kitchen can open up opportunities you never thought possible. People like Jeff Bridges well-known actor forever remembered as The Dude knows how to enjoy life with his beautifully designed backyard including an outdoor kitchen. You know those big family gatherings that have everyone gathered and running around the kitchen? Well now you can take all of that outside. An outdoor kitchen functions much the same as a kitchen inside your house, but it brings cooking to the open air, among the elements, and there is no smell of trapped smoke or lingering food smells throughout the house. Some of the other benefits of installing a full outside kitchen include:

  • Great way to entertain. Whether you have a large family or are always having coworkers over for gatherings and meetings, an outdoor kitchen adds elegance and comfort to these gathering.
  • The added value to your home. Aside from the fact that you will enjoy this kitchen during family gatherings and parties, there is an incredible value added to your home in the event that you sell it in the future.

Bring Nature and Beauty to You

Studies show that spending time in nature actually helps our health and our mental wellness. Its why so many people that embark upon building waterfalls and ponds in their backyard report they are happier. We like to think of ourselves as creators of architectural art that takes your property to the next level. So here are some of the things that waterfalls and ponds bring to your home:

  • The opportunity for relaxation and meditation on a calm sunny day.
  • Integrate nature into your ponds: add fish, turtles, etc.
  • Plenty of chances to spend quality time outdoors with the kids and learn about nature.
  • A great spot to have people come over to your house and enjoy life, great conversation, and drinks.
  • Add some gardening dimensions with great aquatic plants and your own ecosystem.

One of the main reason we see people installing waterfalls and ponds in their backyard is wanting to make their home a place where they can relax and really connect with their family and friends. Integrating nature into your design really adds a reflective quality to the home. It gives people a break from the overwhelming stresses of the outside world, work, school, exams, finances, family issues, external pressures, etc. Make your home your getaway with Dorian Construction. We build something just for you, tailored to your property and your needs so that you can step into your backyard, recharge, and enjoy life.