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Fun and Interesting Jacuzzi Facts to Soak In

woman relaxing in a hot tub during the summerAfter a long bout of errands, a hard workout at the gym, or a stressful day of work, there is almost nothing more relaxing than melting away our worries in a jet-stream jacuzzi. The hot, bubbly hot, bubbly water feels great on our skin. Soaking in hot tubs is proven to be beneficial for both psychological and physical health! A Dorian Construction Group, we are convinced that jacuzzis are among the best inventions of the modern age. We want to share our enthusiasm. Here are a few hot tub facts for you to soak in!

The Jacuzzi Brothers Strike Gold

While bathing in hot water has been practiced throughout history, the electric hot tub did not enter human imagination until the mid 20th century. The Jacuzzi brothers immigrated from Italy to the United States. They made their living by engineering and manufacturing aircraft machinery. In 1948, one of the seven brothers used his mechanical expertise to design and craft a bathtub jet with the intention of alleviating his son’s chronic pain. This invention paved the way for the spa industry, and the hot tub was developed soon after.

Benefits of Hot Tubs

Most people know that hot tubs can relieve muscle tension. But did you know it can also lower blood sugar, help you recover from a cold, and lead to glowing skin? According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, consistent hot tub therapy may reduce blood sugar levels in persons with Type 2 Diabetes. Participants spent one half hour sitting in a hot tub, six days a week, for a total of three weeks. At the completion of the study, the subjects saw a significant reduction in insulin levels.

If you have a head cold and are experiencing sinus tension due to a stuffy nose, a few minutes in a hot tub may help get you back to your normal, mucus free life. Breathing in the steam of the hot tub helps clear sinuses, and the hot water will help you sweat out toxins.

For youthful looking skin, as well, soaking in a hot tub has huge benefits! Sitting in hot water increases circulation and blood flow. This promotes cell regeneration and and the efficient distribution of oxygen throughout the major organs (like your skin!). Moreover, because stress is a primary cause of premature aging, the stress-reducing powers of the jacuzzi may help keep you looking younger, longer!

Overcome Stress for Good

For many people, stress constantly and relentlessly chips away at overall wellbeing. Stress can negatively impact our bodies and our moods. Not only that, chronic stress can even lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, digestive disorders, and depression. If de-stressing your life is one of your New Years Resolutions, or if you simply want to experience more peace in your life, you may want to consider investing in a personal jacuzzi. If you have more questions about how a hot tub can benefit your life, contact Dorian Construction Group today!