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The Benefits and Possibilities of Custom Swimming Pool and Design

Rest and relax by the pool

Our approach to swimming pool design has always been about thinking outside the box and redefining the meaning of craftsmanship and creativity in outdoor paradises. In our line of work, the creation of an outdoor paradise is a culmination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and working with homeowners who seek a new level of enjoyment from their swimming pools. As summer approaches in the Sun City, we thought wed explore some of the many benefits and possibilities available to you as you install an original outdoor paradise in your backyard. Take swimming pools to a whole new level and explore the options at your disposal!

How to Find the Right Size Swimming Pool for Your Yard

Every home is different and comes with varying outdoor dimensions. Part of the challenge is finding ways to maximize outdoor space to install the right size pool without compromising the rest of the yard. A pool comes in many different sizes and can be built in a custom size. The average rectangular pool will have a depth of about 5.5 feet and be something like 10 X 20, 15 X 30, 20 X 40. These, of course, are standard pool sizes, but we dont do standard here at Dorian Construction, so your pool can come in any size. The important considerations when it comes to size, however, are the following:

  • Consider your lifestyle and your vision for the pool. What do you plan to use the pool for? Is this more for the kids and recreational swimming? Are you looking for lap swimming? Do you want a place to relax after a tough day at work? Maybe a little bit of both? Do you want to include a diving board? Slide? Or more landscaping?
  • Who is the pool intended for? Is this pool for small kids to play around in? Is this more for the family to get together? If its intended more for adults, then the depth factor becomes important. Also, how many will be using the pool? Do you have a large family with lots of kids or a teenager who likes to have a lot of friends over? All of these can help you come up with size considerations.

The Many Swimming Pool Shape Options Life is Not Always Rectangular

Sure, when most people think about a backyard swimming pool, they think about the classic rectangular pool that seems to be the standard. Of course, you dont want a standard for your home, you want whats right for you. Rectangular pools are not always possible or efficient within certain spaces. They may even make your yard feel cramped. Here are more options to consider when working with us:

  • Freeform pools. This means there is no discernible shape to the pool, but it rather conforms and blends to the space in which it is installed. This might be a lagoon-shaped half-moon with a wide entry or a wide-angled-kidney-shaped pool with a diving board on the far end.
  • Kidney. This is another traditional shape that can be altered to fit different spaces as well. People can use this as a model and then find that they can adjust the edges and make the pool a lot more free-flowing.
  • Oval. This can be a great choice if youre looking to include some landscaping or waterfalls as part of the setup.
  • Figure 8. If youre looking for more swimming space and varying depths, a figure eight might be a traditional form, but it can be great to help the circulation of the water and provides a space for the kids to splash around and space for deeper diving.
  • Greek-style pool. This style has a timeless and classic feel to it, as it incorporates corners that are tilted at 45 degrees. There are many design possibilities with this style as well.

There are too many shapes to name here. And once we take a look at your yard, we will devise an idea and design completely unique to your space.

So Why Install a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard?

There are several reasons why you might incorporate a swimming pool in your homes backyard. As we have helped many El Pasoans transform their backyards, we see the many benefits they draw from their finished creation.

Life is short. If the year of the pandemic taught many people a lesson, it was that a home is a place that should be both a place of growth, productivity, and discovery. This is, after all, where families grow and prosper. Infusing the space with beauty and opportunities for family gatherings and intimate moments is part of why our homes are at the center of our lives.

Give your mind a respite from the chaos of the world. There are healing powers of water and mental health benefits of going for a swim. Life gets tough sometimes, and creating a world of peace and freedom in your own backyard is a way to restore your energy and build the strength to fortify your body and mind.

Find the Right Swimming Pool Paradise for Your Home and Lifestyle

Here at Dorian Construction, we work with homes of all shapes and sizes. It is not a requirement to have a mansion in order to create a backyard oasis. Whats needed is expertise and artistic vision to maximize space, find the right shape and size, and build it right.

Ready to find the right oasis for your backyard? Call us today and find out the endless possibilities of Dorian Construction swimming pools.