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The Shape of Dreams: Laguna Pools, Ponds, and Backyard Gardens

In a recent issue of Texas Builder magazine, the Dorian Construction Group explains a little bit about who we are and the process of building. When we first sign on to a project, we go on an imaginative quest to find the best possible design for the space at hand. We will either draw and design it on paper, render it on computers, and even hand carve some of the rocks ourselves, we relish in the creative process of space transformation.

The Effects of Physical Spaces on Our Health and Wellbeing

Science has now proven that the architecture that surrounds us affects mood and well-being. This, of course, is not a great surprise to anyone. In some fundamental way, its why architecture exists. Famous early architects like Francis Lloyd Wright understood that the spaces that we inhabit will have an impact on our lives, and its why he designed spaces with natural concepts and functionality in mind. The same applies to our outside spaces. We dont often think about it this way, however. People that work in the design are not often seen as people that hold our health in their hands. And yet, according to the American Institute of Architects, there are six ways that architecture affects our health, safety, and welfare.

  1. Environmental quality
  2. Natural systems
  3. Physical activity
  4. Safety
  5. Sensory environments
  6. Social connectedness

And while here at Dorian Construction Group, we are not necessarily building your home or your office, we are also contributing to a big part of a space that you interact with often. Turning your backyard into a paradise with beautiful creations and functional designs will have an impact on the way you interact with your own property on any given day. Whether its adding a little landscape or adding a pond, waterfall, or laguna pool, having a space that evokes beauty, nature, and peace, is about improving lives.

For the Dorian Construction family, we know that beautiful space creations will enhance your life and make your time outdoors special.

Laguna Pools A Touch of Paradise a Few Steps Away

“Laguna” is the Spanish word for lagoon, and it refers to a body of water that is cut off from a larger body of water by a reef of sand or coral. Lagoons found in nature tend to be surrounded by incredible landscapes, trees, islands, coral reefs, and everything else. Part of our design process when concocting your backyard paradise is how we can bring nature and the natural world to the design. At the same time, we focus on what you want your space to look and feel like. There are several elements that we build on when it comes to the design. These are the following:

  • Shape: Part of the charm of the laguna pool is that it replicates the wild curves and shapes of natural lagoons. So when thinking about your design, we take into consideration the size and the shape that you want (as well as what the existing space can accommodate). The shape can have dramatic curves but should feel organic and natural to achieve the true lagoon vibe.
  • Orientation and placement: Where to place your pool can depend on your existing space, your desired size, and other factors such as potential drainage issues, sun exposure, underground utilities, and more. We take all of this into consideration before presenting a final design.
  • Balance and Cohesion: While we are building your backyard paradise, we also want to make sure that the design creates some continuity and cohesion with the rest of your home and the other elements of your backyard. This might be the addition of decorative stones, pathways, decks, columns, etc.

Ponds and Backyard Gardens Evoking Nature and Peaceful Surroundings

Where a natural pond exists, nature reigns. And the creation of ponds in your backyard is a way to bring in the natural settings into your home. Ponds contain a variety of plants and the water attracts wildlife and animals, such as frogs, salamanders, and insects. So when looking to add a pond to your backyard, we consider a couple of foundational design questions. These include:

  • Size: What size are you looking at your pond to be? Is it the main component of your backyard landscaping or is it an accompanying piece?
  • Balance: What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create for your backyard? What kind of plants and landscaping do you want to compliment your pond?

Transform Your Backyard Into a Beautiful Creation With Dorian Construction

Youre looking to make your home a place that inspires and enhances your life. One way to do that is to evoke the natural world and welcome it into your home. Here at Dorian Construction, we strive for gorgeous designs that bring your property to life. Call us and change the way you live, entertain, and relax.