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Custom Aquarium Creatures and Species that Inspire: 4 Wild & Mysterious Fish

Saltwater coral reef aquarium at home is most beautiful live decorationAn aquarium is a window into a world few land mammals can venture into. These crystalline portals into the mysterious aquatic life provide us with an opportunity to understand a world beyond ours. A custom aquarium, as many people have discovered, adds more than just aesthetic appeal; it completely transforms a space into something magical. And there is no end to the number of fascinating and captivating species one might encounter in these unique water worlds.

So what are some of the strangest creatures found in aquariums? Lets have a look.

Common Aquarium Fish Across America

Americans love to interact with exotic sea creatures. According to some estimates, about 12.5 million households across America have freshwater fish. Some of the most popular species of fish are easy to care for, accessible, and not terribly expensive. These include:

  • Neon Tetra: This peaceful little multi-colored fish is charming, calm, and colorful.
  • Guppies: This unique fish that often sports a colorful tail is a common sight in aquariums and a fun swimmer to watch.
  • Goldfish: The beloved and quintessential fish for household aquariums and a favorite among kids, is the goldfish. Its bright orange exterior is a shiny and sparkly addition.
  • American flag fish: These colorful and scaly fish have a wide body and sharp-looking eyes that love to clear out the algae in your tank. Their name comes from the unique coloration that often resembles the American flag.

4 Rare & Pricey But Eye-Catching Species to Captivate You & Your Guests

In addition to the traditional go-to species, aquarium enthusiasts often venture into the seas most wild creatures. Here are some of the most exotic fish to note.

The Ghost Shrimp: If you are into first encounters of the strange kind, you might dig something like the ghost shrimpusually used as food for the larger fish, this transparent bug-looking creature has gained favor in recent years as a pet. Dont put these in with bigger fish that are likely to earth them for breakfast!

The Most Expensive Fish in the World: If youre ready to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a fishand one that grows almost as large as a human being get a load of this guy! The Platinum Arowana is an odd-shaped whale-like fish with translucent white or gray scales. This fish is the eye-catching result of a genetic mutation and has earned a reputation as a magical and healing fish in Asia. Its one of the most sought-after aquarium monsters with the highest price tag, often reaching $400,000!

The Masked Angelfish: Another fish with a high price tag, the angelfish is known for its luminous white beauty. Its colors often showcase a gradient of gray and white with tinges of blue, which make them hypnotizing to watch. They are elegant and simple, but so captivating that they are one of the most wanted fish for serious aquarium go-getters.

Polkadot Stingray: Stingrays are beloved sea creatures with a reputation of being sneaky, quiet, but nothing short of majestic. Their salt-water counterparts are gentle giants in the ocean, but this freshwater variety is just as loved. This species has oval-shaped bodies and is covered in white spots. These rare Brazilian exports are now illegal in most places, so this one is likely out of the question but still a fascinating species to marvel at.

The Benefits of Beauty in Custom Aquariums

Its not just a rumor that fresh-water aquariums and fish are otherworldly and provide a sliver of the sublime. In addition to asking people like Steven Spielberg and Lady Gaga, who house their unique collection of fish in custom aquariums, studies have shown there are emotional benefits to watching these sea creatures. Some studies have provided evidence that peoples interaction with fish is associated with relaxation and positive effects on mood and pain.

Lady Gaga chose to cough over more than 400 British pounds to have a freshwater aquarium installed by her bed while she recovered from major hip surgery.

Theres a couple of known benefits to getting your own custom aquarium installed. These include:

  • Relaxation: Watching fish in an aquarium tends to have calming effects for people, as well as the ability to reduce stress and improve focus.
  • Productivity: People have reported that there is increased productivity and morale in workplaces that have beautified spaces.

Enter a New World Through Custom Aquariums

Here at Dorian Construction, we believe a custom aquarium is more than just adornment it is a celebration of lifes creatures. There is nothing like the ability to create beauty and increase wonder in the world. What better way to do it than by highlighting mother natures mysterious creatures and bringing them into our daily lives.

Whether you choose to find the worlds top rarities or showcase the shimmering beauty of the beloved goldfish, a custom aquarium will transform any space. Call Dorian Construction today and learn more about what we do and our custom aquariums.